Why Salgrom-X?

Modern business demands smart, durable and cost-effective solutions. Salgrom-X fire extinguishing systems were developed to meet these demands.

What makes Salgrom-X fire extinguishing systems superior to conventional alternatives?

Digitalization has highlighted the need to protect new technologies from fire to avoid large damages. As the use of electricity increases, anticipating and minimizing the risks of disastrous electrical fires is key for both the private and public sectors.

Modern fire extinguishing systems need to be flexible, cost-effective and adaptable to versatile applications. In the field of fire extinguishing and prevention, the revolutionary Salgrom-X systems bring about a turning point comparable to the introduction of sprinkler systems.

The shortcomings of conventional systems

Conventional fire extinguishing systems are based on pressurised gas or other synthetic extinguishing agents. Extinguishant containers and gas cylinders require space, sometimes an entire room. Therefore, the size and structures of the building need to be taken into account when planning the installation of a fire extinguishing system.

The actual installation is often far from straightforward: depending on the site, the implementation of piping and feedthroughs can be challenging or at least time-consuming, that is, expensive. Furthermore, system maintenance requires time and money throughout the systems’ life cycle.

Salgrom – efficient and kind on the wallet

Salgrom-X fire extinguishing systems are easy and effortless to install into existing facilities and simple to integrate into new-build constructions. They are completely modular, meaning that they can be adapted to any application.

Salgrom-X fire extinguishing solutions’ efficient simplicity makes them the most cost-effective extinguishing systems on the market. Moreover, their lifetime costs are considerably lower in comparison to conventional systems. The tested and certified extinguishing solutions serve all client groups, regardless of the required fire safety level or demands.

Salgrom-X fire extinguishing systems meet the future fire safety needs of even the most demanding applications. They provide an easy solution to ensuring the fire safety of all machinery, facilities and devices as well as production and service processes.

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