Aerosol and impulse dry powder extinguishing units

Salgrom fire extinguishing systems revolutionise fire safety. In comparison to conventional systems, they enable remarkably more cost-effective and precise management of fire hazards.

Our certified fire extinguishing solutions are not only inexpensive to procure and implement, but their service and maintenance is easy, and they feature a long-lasting life cycle. They combine superior extinguishing performance and absolute reliability with cost-effectiveness, and they can be optimized to meet your company’s unique and demanding requirements.

Salgrom Hex-Max

High fire risk locations in industry and IT business include various transformers, electrical panels and boxes as well as server racks. Safeguarding these areas with traditional fire suppression methods cause a risk of irreversibly damaging the equipment, assets or property – even those spared from the fire, causing additional costs.

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Salgrom HEX

Salgrom HEX™ is a non-pressurized and autonomous modern fire system that produces fine potassium carbonates and nitrogen based condensed dry aerosol and discharges the suppression agent directly to the fire area within a seconds of activation.

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Salgrom Spider

The innovative Salgrom Spider is a proprietary aerosol extinguishing unit that provides fire protection to a closed space of up to 78 m3, such as sea and land transport containers or power and data rooms. Its ingenuously simple and fully automatic operating model enables completely independent operation. Spider’s lightweight structure of only 12 kg enables mounting it on the wall with, for example, the integrated magnets. After installation, it will remain operational for up to 10 years.

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Aeorosol extinguishing units

Salgrom-X extinguishing units produce aerosol that puts out the fire by breaking the combustion chain reaction chemically and cooling down the fire physically. The aerosol excels in extinguishing various types of fires, and, in comparison to conventional gas extinguishants, it reduces the volume of gas required to a 40th.

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Impulse dry powder extinguishing units

Salgrom STORMEX systems and DPS extinguishing units use the tested and certified Vekson ABC-type hydrophobized dry chemical extinguishing powder. It not only extinguishes the fire but also forms a fire-preventing insulation on the material. The extinguishing agent cuts through even larger blazes, affecting the burning material directly, thus putting out the fire quickly.

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