The future of automated fire safety

Everything can be improved

For Salgrom, simply extinguishing fires is not enough. Our vision is to put out fires swiftly and precisely while minimizing damage – saving both time and money. We offer you a smarter method for preventing fire damages and the resulting disturbances to your business. Welcome to the future of fire safety!

World leader in automated fire extinguishing

Automatic fire extinguishing in seconds

Completely adaptable and scalable solutions

Why Salgrom-X?

Modern business demands smart, durable and cost-effective solutions. New technologies require fire protection to avoid large damages. The revolutionary Salgrom-X fire extinguishing systems meet this demand by outperforming any conventional alternatives.

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Simple installation and maintenance

No maintenance costs. No feedthroughs or piping. Installation during construction or later. No need for mains electricity or water supply.

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Precise and effective

Eliminate haphazard extinguishing to save costs. The fully independent and centrally controlled system extinguishes fire where it breaks. 100% modular.

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Secure the continuity of your business

Zero costs from downtime or extinguishing damage. Tested and certified components. Technology that meets the highest reliability requirements.

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