When swift extinguishing matters

Ekovilla minimized its factory’s fire damage with a Salgrom system.

Ekovilla Oy

Ekovilla’s two factories in Kuusankoski produce blown wool and insulation slabs from clean, natural materials, salvage paper and cardboard. The insulation slab factory, that was established in 2009, is protected by a Salgrom system.

Fire protection upgrade after a disastrous fire

A destructive fire broke out at the factory in 2011, after which the management decided to take the factory’s fire protection to a new level. Now the factory’s oven and power room are protected by a Salgrom fire extinguishing system.

“The automatic Salgrom fire detection and actuation system was an easy choice. In comparison to a sprinkler system, it is very straightforward. Instead of having to install hundreds of metres of sprinkler piping and innovating safe ways to sprinkle water inside the oven, the extinguishing cartridges were mounted simply on the oven walls,” explains Jyrki Nieminen, Maintenance Engineer at Ekovilla.

A dangerous fire was swiftly knocked down

In the autumn of 2020, the extinguishing system was put to test when a dust fire broke out in the oven’s cooling system. Thanks to the quick response of the Salgrom system, the resulting damage was minimal.

The system functioned exactly the way it was supposed to. When the heat sensor detected too high a temperature in the oven, two extinguishing units actuated, swiftly suppressing the flames.

Salgrom remains Ekovilla’s choice in the future

Ekovilla is currently planning to renew the extinguishing and actuation centre that has operated since 2011, and negotiations with Salgrom are underway.

“There’s no need to consider alternative systems,” says Nieminen.

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