Salgrom Technologies is a Finnish trailblazer in fire safety and extinguishing technology

We revolutionise fire safety by solving the field’s challenges safely, accurately, cost-efficiently and flexibly – all in an environmentally sound manner.

We constantly develop new fire extinguishing solutions in collaboration with technology providers, our contractors, research institutes and authorities.

Everyone is entitled to fire safety, and the way we see it, it does not have to be complicated or expensive.

Our clients include industry leaders in Finland and abroad.

Pohjoismaiset Elcoline ja Salgrom solmivat yhteistyösopimuksen

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Salgrom’s turnkey solutions from design to installation and maintenance

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IT and power rooms were vulnerable to fire

The City of Kalajoki ensured the fire protection of vulnerable IT and power rooms of critical sites for a competitive price.

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Why Salgrom-X?

Modern business demands smart, durable and cost-effective solutions. Salgrom-X fire extinguishing systems were developed to meet these demands.

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Fires cost lives and bring down companies

When a fire breaks at the wrong place, it may cause enormous damage. Even if the fire can be extinguished, the smoke and extinguishing water often cause considerable damage to buildings and technological appliances. In the worst case, the fire may take lives.

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Committed to results that protect our clients

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When swift extinguishing matters

Ekovilla minimized its factory’s fire damage with a Salgrom system.

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Salgrom Technologies Management Group

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Chairman of the Board

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Member of the Board

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Jarkko Perälä

R&D, Technology
System and Equipment Support

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Rauno Juusola

Domestic Sales and Marketing
Key Account Support

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Matti Mettovaara
Director of International Affairs

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