Salgrom Hex-Max

High fire risk locations in industry and IT business include various transformers, electrical panels and boxes as well as server racks. Safeguarding these areas with traditional fire suppression methods cause a risk of irreversibly damaging the equipment, assets or property – even those spared from the fire, causing additional costs.

With Salgrom Hex-Max™ aerosol fire suppression systems you can safely extinguish fires in unmanned max. 10 m3 spaces without collateral asset damage. The Hex-Max™ suppression unit activates automatically at 170  C or in direct contact with the flame via a heat-sensitive trigger wire, at which point the nontoxic aerosol contained in the Hex-Max™ is discharged, extinguishing the fire quickly.


  • Substation transformers
  • Industrial electrical and appliance panels and boxes
  • Indoor transformers

Technical specs

  • Diameter: 158 mm
  • Length: 360 mm
  • Total weight: 2–6 kg
  • Suppression capacity: 2.5 m3, 5 m3 or 10 m3
  • Operation: Fixed, heat-sensitive ATAC wire discharges the Hex-Max™ at specified temperature or in direct contact with flame
  • Mounting: With magnets or wall plugs and screws
  • Lifespan: Up to 15 years, depending on conditions


Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

Fire classification and suitability

Class A

Combustible and flammable solid materials

Fully suitable

Class B

Flammable and incendiary liquids

Fully suitable

Class C

Flammable and incendiary gases

Fully suitable

Class D

Flammable and reactive metals

Limited suitability

Class E

Electrical equipment fires and fires due to electric current

Fully suitable

Class F

Fats and edible oils

Fully suitable

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