Aeorosol extinguishing units


Salgrom-X aerosol extinguishing systems easily guarantee the fire safety of even the most challenging facilities. The Salgrom-X systems are more cost-efficient and space-saving than conventional gas extinguishing systems. In addition, they enable simpler and less expensive fire protection design, installation and maintenance.

Technical specs

  • Material: double layer stainless steel
  • Actuation method: manual, semi-automatic, automatic
  • Response time: < 3 seconds
  • Service life: 15 years (typical)
  • UL Listed for Occupied Spaces
  • Extinguishing mechanism: chemical and physical
  • Protection class: IP68 / UL Class I, Division 2 / ATEX ja IECEx Zone 2 / I 1G Exi de IIB T4


Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

Fire classification and suitability

Class A

Combustible and flammable solid materials

Fully suitable

Class B

Flammable and incendiary liquids

Fully suitable

Class C

Flammable and incendiary gases

Fully suitable

Class D

Flammable and reactive metals

Limited suitability

Class E

Electrical equipment fires and fires due to electric current

Fully suitable

Class F

Fats and edible oils

Fully suitable

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