IT and power rooms were vulnerable to fire

The City of Kalajoki ensured the fire protection of vulnerable IT and power rooms of critical sites for a competitive price.

The City of Kalajoki

The City of Kalajoki invested in the fire safety of two of its important public properties by procuring modern fire extinguishing systems. Salgrom implemented the systems for the IT and power rooms of the Kalajoki City Hall and the recently constructed Merenoja Comprehensive School.

“When we’re talking about the telecommunications of all of the city’s authorities or a school building for nearly 1,000 students, efficient fire extinguishing plays a major role in risk management”, says Marko Raiman, Technical Director for the City of Kalajoki.

Electrical fires can cause damage in the blink of an eye

According to Raiman, the Salgrom system’s competitive price and accurate, precise operating method convinced the authorities.

A fire broken out in a power or server room might be easily overlooked at first as the facilities do not normally require constant attention. In that case, precise automatic extinguishing can prevent a large damage.

Raiman recalls the fire at Himanka water treatment facility a few years ago. The facility burned to the ground as a result of a fire that started in the power room.

In that case, too, the fire should have been extinguished immediately. Electrical fires spread so fast that it is already too late when they are noticed by human eyes.

Punctual delivery and installation

Raiman says that trusting Salgrom with the delivery of the fire extinguishing systems was an easy choice.

Salgrom systems are exceptionally straightforward to install. They do not require separate space for the extinguishing agents, for example.

Raiman praises the flawless collaboration with Salgrom. The systems were delivered and installed exactly within the agreed timeframes.

“Having the systems installed was effortless. Everything happened as agreed and on time. With confidence, I can recommend other operators to trust Salgrom to protect their crucial yet vulnerable sites.”

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