Fires cost lives and bring down companies

When a fire breaks at the wrong place, it may cause enormous damage. Even if the fire can be extinguished, the smoke and extinguishing water often cause considerable damage to buildings and technological appliances. In the worst case, the fire may take lives.

Interrupted production, reduced reliability

After a fire, companies face numerous problems. The destruction of equipment and property, interruption of production and loss of files cause remarkable expenses that may be fatal to business. Moreover, a fire may be detrimental to the company’s reputation, causing its clients and partners to question the reliability of its operation.

Insurance does not cover lost clients

A small spark can grow into an uncontrollable blaze in less than 30 seconds. From the business point of view, however, it is essential to understand that even a small fire at a critical location can halt the entire business operation for a long period of time. The company’s insurance may cover the damage caused to property and equipment, but it won’t compensate for lost opportunities and client relationships.

Read how OSS secured electricity supply nodes with a Salgromatic system after a disastrous fire.

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